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Three Rivers Historical Society maintains files on the families who settled the Pee Dee. These miscellaneous or "vertical files" are located in the gray file cabinets against the wall of the Three Rivers Room. Each file is labeled as to major surname and assigned a number. They are filed alphabetically. These files may also contain information about other families. Many of these "other" families are listed below. [If no number appears by the other family name, there was no Three Rivers file for this surname when the list was compiled]. Conversely, information on these families could be in the other files.

The number following the dash [-23] indicates the number of pages that the file contained at the last inventory. May 1999].  Please contact us for an updated page count.

These files result from the research of many of our members and friends, which have generously donated for others to use.. Copies of the files are available on request at a cost of $.25 per page plus postage  [minimum charge is $5.00]. Visit us at 154 West Main St. Lake City, SC, please call 843-374-7100 for office hours or email us at to request specific files. 


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