Sunter Dist. Will of John Baker

In the name of God Amen, I John Baker of the stae of South Carolina and the district of Sumter being of sound mind and memory and calling to mind the mortality of man that it is appointed for them once to die do make, ordain, constitute and appoint this my last will and testament. revoking and disannuling all other or former wills and first of all I recommend my sole in to the hands of God that gave it and my body to be burryed at the discretion of my friends and executors and as it respects such wordily goods it has pleased god to bless me with. I dispose of in the manner and form as follows:.<BR>

1st I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Rachel Baker the house and land whereon we now live, namely all the land that I own on the South West side of a ditch and branch that runs from R. F. Hicksons land rather an east course to William F. Weavers land and thence to John B. Mackmillions land to the Charleston Road thence with said road to what is called the ______ Road thence with said road to the ditch or beginning at the aforementioned ditch and Branch and including all the land within the said boundaries with all singular rites and privileges there unto belonging to dispose of as she may think best for her support during her natural life. also give unto the said Rachel Baker one Negro woman named Peggy and one Negro boy named West during her natural life and at her death the afore named land and the Negroes namely Peggy and West to be returned to my Executors to be sold and disposed of as my property them or their successors it is here after named. I also give the R!<BR>

achel Baker one young gray horse called Jack, one buggy and the harness, one cart, one cow and one heifer yearling, on sow and pigs with provisions sufficient to last her one year, two feather beds, bedsteads and furniture, one of which is her own, six sitting chairs and one small truck which is her own one chest or box, one beaufat, one safe one table, the crockery were in the house and other furniture about the house such as glass and such like in the yard namely pots and other cooking utensils also one jug, one dimmjohn and ploughs and hers all of which property except the land and Negroes not to be accounted for as my property after the death of my wife Rachal Baker. The land and Negroes Peggy and West to be sold and the money arising for said sale to be equally divided amongst my several heirs as follows Benajah Baker, John W. Baker, James M. Baker, A. J. Baker, Charlotty Woods and A. J. Byrd in place of his wife Martha S. Baker or Byrd them or their diver heirs or assi! gns I also give and bequeath to my grandson John Andrew Albert Byrd one Negro boy, Sampson, one Negro girl Caroline. I do also appoint his Father A. J. Byrd as age or guardian for the said John Andrew Albert to transact the business respecting said Negroes until the John Andrew Albert Byrd shall come to the age of twenty one yearsI also give unto granddaughter Mary Ester Baker one Negro girl named G______ to be under the care and control of her father James M. Baker until she comes to the age of twenty one years or marries also the balance of my land and Negroes not before disposed of with all my estate and property of any kind to my belonging except notes now in my hands due to me to be sold at my death and the money paying my just debts and paying John W. Baker for the land that last by the Fulwood claim at the what said land was worth when he lost it after deducting out a note of Ninety five dollars now in my hand against the said John W. Baker the interest to balance against each other and also to pay A. J. Baker for the lands that he last to the said Fulwood claim at what said land was worth at the time he lost it after deducting out the price of one hundred and eighty acres of land and a note of thirty or thirty five dollars now in my hands against said A. J. Baker After paying my just debts and the other named demands, I wish to be equally divided amongst my several heirs namely Benajah Baker, John W. Baker, James M. Baker, A. J. Baker Charlotty Woods, and John Andrew Albert Byrd the part that his mother Martha S. Byrd was intitled to if she was living and present. The notes and Accounts mow in my hands that is not paid and maid of title my death to e collected by my executors and I wish the same to be equally divided in seven equal parts to namely Benajah Baker one part, John W. Baker one part, James M. Baker one part, A. J. Baker one part, Charlotty Woods one part John Andrew Albert one part which his mother Martha S. Baker deceased was intitled to was she living, one my wife Rachal Baker and seventh part of the amount of said notes and accounts if any there be to be applied to her support and I do here by constitute and appoint my two sons John W. Baker and James M. Baker executors to this my last will and testament in witness where of I do hear in do set my hand seal this April the 4 day and the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty seven in the 81 years of the independence of America in presents of G. W.Truluck, Milly A. Truluck, Joseph Pate

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