Will of William Buford of Williamsburg district, Planter


 To my son William June Buford and Emma Corbet Richardson my Daughter, the choice of one Negro Slave from among my Negroes. My devisees shall pay annually to Theodore Gourdine $30.00 for the use of a Mulatto child called Louisa, daughter of a black woman called Amy, belonging to Theodore Gourdine, Esqr, during the life of the said Mulatto girl, also $15.00 annually for the use of the said Negro woman, during her life. Legatees are to give bond to Theodore Gourdin, Trustee as aforesaid, releasing [p.15] the aforesaid Mulatto Girl Louisa from all services which they might claim from her as my heirs. In case my legatees comply fully with the preceding direction, I bequeath to them, my son William June Buford, and my three daughters Elizabeth Richardson, wife of John S. Richardson, Esqr, Frances Fraser, wife of the Rev'd Hugh Fraser, and Emma Corbet Richardson, wife of William Richardson, Esqr, all the rest of my estate, to be equally divided among them. But in case my said children refuse or neglect to comply with the direction relative to the Mulatto Girl Louisa, and her mother, I bequeath all the rest of my estate to my Executors, in trust, to be sold and the proceeds to be put out at interest, the annual interest of which to be paid to the Commissioners of the poor for the district of Williamsburg until my children shall comply… My son William June Buford and my aforesaid three sons-in-law John S. Richardson, Hugh Fraser, and William Richardson,

executors. 25 Oct. 1810.

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