State of South Carolina Williamsburgh District 

In the name of God Amen I James Daniel being of sound mind and memory through the gracious mercies of God as hereby make this my last will & testament in the manner and form as follows---

First. It is my will & desire that my wife do have the whole of my Estate both real & personal her life time..

2nd, and at my wifes decease it is my wish & desire that my daughter Jannett do have the house in I reside the Beaufat dining table and five sitting chair, two Beds, Bedsteads & furniture one of which Bed she has claimed as her own the whole of Kitchen furniture & also the fire Dogs Shovel & tongs & also one hundred acres of land on which the improvements an situate also the Horse chair & harness

3rd It is my will & desirethat my son John Daniel do have a Bed Bedstead & furniture if he comes for it and if he does not, that my son Wm Daniel get the Bed, Bedstead & Furniture

4ly It is my wish and desire that my stock of Hogs be equally divided amongst my children

5ly The remaining part of my land which will be four hundred & Eleven acres I wish equally divided between John Daniel Saul Singletary Alexander McCants Jno Dixons children & James McCants children Alexander McCants part to be adjoining the place he now lives on. It is my wish Wm Daniel gets his brother Johns part of the land if he does not return

6ly It is my will & wish that any part of my estate noe specified be sold & the money Equally divided amongst my children & Grand children

7ly And I do hereby Nominate & appoint John Daniel William Daniel & Saul Singletary as my Executors Witness my hand & seal this twelfth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred twenty six

Witness James Daniel (SEAL)

D D Wilson

Edward Johnson

Jacob Singletary

recorded in Will Book " B " Page 35

recorded 5th day of August 1833

Samuel G. McClary Ordinary Williamsburgh District.

From the files of Three Rivers Historical Society