18 October 1825



In The Name of God, Amen.  I, Bethel Durant of the District of Horry planter, Being Sick and weak in body but of sound mind, memory and understanding (Blessed Be God) do hereby make and publish this my last will & testament in manner Following (Viz) Imprimis, it is my will and desire that all my Just debts and funeral expenses be paid as soon as Convenient, by my Executors hereinafter named:-

Item  I give and bequeath unto my beloved Wife Hannah Durant all That plantation or tract of Land Called Porter's place and the place adjoining purchased from Bruton; my Negro man called Christmas and Lucy together with Seven Cows and Calves; one yoke of oxen, my Sheep, half of my Hogs, my Horse and Chair, and a certain portion of my Household furniture at the Descretion of my Executors, to have and to hold to her and her heirs forever; also
the use of plantation whereon I now live so long as she remains My Widow, or wishes to live on the said plantation, but in case of the Death or Marriage or removal of my said wife from my said plantation, It is then my Will and desire that it may be equally divided among My three sons: John, Henry and Bethel, together with all my other Lands on this side of the Waccamaw River;

Item I give and bequeath to My Executors three certain Negroes Celia, Lydia, & Charlotte in trust to and for the use of my beloved Daughter Maryann Durant wife of George Durant Junior, the said three negroes to be valued, & Considered as part of the portion of my said Daughter Maryann, and not to be Considered as liable to the debts or Contracts of her said husband or in any wise Subject to his Contract or interference, and it is my Will & intent, That the income or profits arising from my said Daughter Mary Ann Share of my Estate, be paid by my Executors only unto her, or Her Certain Attorney; for and during her natural life, and after Her decease to be equally divided among the Heirs of her body:- and I further give and devise unto my said Executors in trust, for The use of my Said Daughter Mary Ann, (Subject to the Same Limitations and restrictions as expressed relative to the three Negros aforesaid, and fot the same uses intents & purposes) all That piece of Land called my Sea Shore tract; together with
all its privileges and appurtenances:- that is to say for her Sole and Separate use and benefit during her natural life, - And at her decease, to be Equally divided among the Heirs of Her body as aforesaid:- I wish it further to be understood as my – Decided intention that the devise and Bequest aforesaid together with Whatever other property I have hereinafter named, as the part or portion of my Said Daughter Mary Ann, be Kept entirely free from the Control or interference of her said husband George Durant Jur.

Item  I give and Bequeath to my Daughter Sarah all the property Real and personal I obtained from her Mother by marriage, to be delivered to her when she arrives at the age of twenty one years or marries:-

Item  I give and Bequeath unto my Said Daughter Mary Ann, and to my sons John W. Durant and Henry H. Durant all the Estate or property I derived from their Mother by Marriage:- the portion of the said Mary Ann to be Kept in trust by my Executors for her Sole and Separate use, and in no wise Subject to the debts of her husband;

Item  I give and Bequeath unto my Daughter Martha and my Son Bethel, all the property I derived from (Their Mother) By Marriage not hereinbefore (Bequeathed) to be equally divided:-

Item  All the rest and residue of my Estate of my own acquistion and not Derived from marriage, I wish to be equally divided amongst my Children Except my Daughter Sarah, She being amply provided for:- Nevertheless I desire my Executors to add to the portion of my Daughter Martha and Son Bethel two negroe boys or
girls, as my Executors may see fit;

Item  Should my said Daughter Sarah, die before Her arrival at full age or marriage:- it is my will & desire that the property here in left to her, be equally divided amongst my Surviving Children Share and Share alike, Except the part or portion that may fall to the Share of my Daugher Maryann which shall be Subject to all the limitations and restrictions before mentioned;

Item  I wish it to be particularly understood that Should and of my other Children die:- then the Share of him or her so dying Shall go to the Surviving Child or Children of the Same Mother, from whom the property was derived; Except in the case of my Daughter Mary Ann whose Share Shall invariably go to my Executors in trust for her Sole use as herein before - Expressed:-

Item  I give and bequeath to my Executors in trust for my Daughter Maryann, Three Cows and Calves under all the restrictions of the other bequests:-

Item  I give and bequeath to my beloved Brother Thomas Durant one hundred Dollars to be paid to him as My Executors as soon as Convenient:-
Item  I give and bequeath to my Three Sons all my library of Books Except Coke Commentary I desire To be for my Son Bethel;-

Item  I give and bequeath to George Durant Jur the Sum of five dollars; - and I wish it understood that the property Left to my Sons be given them by my Extors on there arriving at the full age of twenty one years, and to my Daughters on there marriage or arrival at full age:-

Item  I hereby Constitute & appoint my Brothers Henry and John Durant and my Son John W. Durant (when he Comes of age) to be my Executors of this my last Will & testament:- And I do hereby revoke and annul all former Wills & testaments by me made:-

In witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand & Seal this Eighteenth day of October in the year of our LORD, one thousand Eight hundred and twenty five:-

Signed B. Durant     (SEAL)

Signed Sealed published pronounced and declared AS and for his last will and testament in the
presents of us, who have Subscribed our names as witness there to:

Archibald Purifoy
Thos G. Britton
Thos Hemingway

Recorded in Will Book A, Page 28
Recorded May 30th, 1826
John Durant Ordy, H. D.

South Carolina Department of Archives and History, Columbia, SC
Box 2  Bundle 3
Horry Co SC Wills Vol 1, Book A, Pages 29 – 31


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