Will of ANDREW GRIER                         

In the name of God I Andrew Grier being sick of body but of sound and perfect memory and understanding make this my present writing my last will and testament First I desire that all my debts be duly paid Next I desire that my brother Joseph Grier may imediately after my decease take into his pofsefsion and care all my estate with my two daughters Mary and Jean .I then will that what ever benefits arive from the labourof negroes or from my estate in any manner may be applied as follows one third to be paid to my loving wife Barbara Grier while she remains my widow ,the other two thirds to be applied for benefits of my daughters Mary and Jean for clothing schooling until my daughters shall arive at the age of eighteen years when I desire that each of their portions may be delivered them as they come to age of eighteen. But in case of my wife Barbara after my decease chuses to marry then it is my will that she have six hundred pounds currency money to be paid her two years after the date of her marrage and no more.My will further it is that if my wife aforsaid marrys within one year after my decease that she shall receive one third part of my estate nominating and constituting my brothers Joseph and John Grier and John baxter to be excutors of this my last will and testament acknowledged pronounced declared sealed signed sealed and delivered --------

in presence of ------------------------- Andrew Grier----------( LS )

John Grier

John baxter

recorded in will book 1774-1779

recorded on page 311

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