WILL-OF ANDREW GRIER                

 South Carolina, Craven County/

In the name of GOD AMEN, this 8 th, day of April Anno domini, 1765, I Andrew Grier, of Kingstown in the Aforesaid County and province Planter, being at this present time sick in body, but in perfect sence and memory thanks be to GOD for the same and calling to mind the mortality of the body and the certainty of death and uncertainty of life in this transitory life, think it proper to make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form Vis. First and principally I recommend my Soul to the hands of Almighty God, that gave it and my body to the Earth to be buried in a decent and Christian like manner, at the descretion of my Exectors herein by me Nomiated and Appointed and touching and concerning what wordly estate it has pleased God to Blefs and endow me in within this life. I give Bequeath and dispose of the sane as followeth. IMPERIS my will is that all my just debts be fully and justly paid and discharged then I give grant demise and bequeath unto my two sons Joseph Grier and Samuel Grier the tract of land and plantation containing 250 acres in Kingstown aforesaid, whereon I lives and occupies that is to say,when Joseph shall come of age if he thinks proper to take the land to have it justly valued and to pay the one third of the value to his brother Samuel but in case Joseph should not chuse to take the land upon the conditions aforementioned then shall it be put to his brother Samuel choice whether he will take the land on the same condition if not to have it sold,two thirds of the value of the said land toJoseph and one third to Samuel and farther my will is that my dearly beloved wife shall hold pofsefs and occupy the said land and plantation with the Appurtenances thereunto belonging peaceably and quietly to pofsefs and enjoy the same to such time as my son Joseph be of age and my said wife Margaret Grier is to surrender and deliver up the land and premifes with the appurtenace wharsoever unto belonging to be set apart to the only and proper use of my two sons Joseph Grier and Samuel Grier, further my will is and I do hereby order that the hold of my personal estate and moveables together with what ever, improvements is made thereto what ever unto me belong that is after my just debts be paid and discharged may equally be divided share and share alike between my wife and three chrildren namely Jean Joseph and Samuel but further my will is that those children may be educated when they come to be of age fit in the inglish tongue to read and write as far as is necefsary for country businefs the cost there of to be paid out of the whole of my estate before any division be maid thereof and further my will is in case my Executor shall think proper when the two boys Joseph Grier and Samuel Grier when they come to the age of fifteen should it please God for them to live so long and they seemed thriving and promising it is my desire that they should be bound to a good trade and further my will is in case my wife should alter her condition by marrage and should chuse to have her part from the childrens that she may have her desire only before the children be educated that she shall pay her part towards educating the children further my will is that their shall be no division in the the children part of the estate until my son Joseph arrives to age, further my will is that my mother may receive yearly to the value of ten pounds currency during her life if she demand it and lastly my will is and do hereby constitute nominate and appoint my trusty and well beloved uncle Patrick Grier and my dearly and well beloved wife Margaret Grier my trusty and well beloved uncle Samuel Grier and my trusty and well beloved brother Joseph Grier to be my only true and sole executor of this my last will and testament disallowing annulling and revoking all other former wills and testaments ever made by me ratifying and confiring this and no other my last will and testament. In testimony whereof I have here unto put my hand and fixed my seal the day and year first within written

signed sealed pronounce and published r

Andrew Grier Seni (seal)

and dilivered by the herein named Andrew

Grier as his last will and testment in presence

of us the subscribers c r m r t

Joseph Grier Proved by a didimus directed to John M Dougal Esq the noble w. Bull Esq. Lieu

Mary Wilson Gov.27 September 1766. October 3.1766 qualified MargaretGrier,Samuel Grier and

Joseph Grier Exiors. Recored in will book 1760-1767 page 603

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