Will of Samuel Grier               
South Carolina

In the name of God amen I Samuel Grier of Craven county in the province of S. carolina Planter being in good bodily health & of sound & disposing mind do make & ordain this to be my last will & testment resigning my soul to God & desiring that after my decease my body may be decently interred by my Executrix & Executors herein aftered named & with the respect to the worldly estate of which I may die pofsefsed, I will as follows,in the first place , I order that my estate wheresoever & whatsoever be kept together & improved until all my just debts shall be paid,after which I give unto my son John Grier the six following Negroes Vis, Ben, Bob ,Glasgow, Lydia,Silvia & Nero. Also one fourth part of my Negroes Slaves not particularly named in this my will one third part of my household goods &kitchen utensils,my riding horse & watch & one half of my stocks of cattle horses hogs & sheep. I also give devise and bequeath unto my son John & to his heirs & afsigns forever two thirds of my plantation of four tracts of land, situate on great pedee river whereon I now reside containing in the whole ninteen hundred & fifty acres of land more or lefs to be devided as is herein after directed,also all that my plantation or tract of land on little pedee river containing by eatimation three hundred & fifty acres orignally laid out to William Romsey , and likewise all that my tract of land in Wacamaw containing two hundred & fifty acres more or lefs .Items I give unto Mary Ridgill, Job Rothmahler & William Ridgill in trust for the use of my daughter Elizabeth these my six Negroes named Dick,Prince ,Peter Hannah, Kate & Sawney,also one forth of my Nogroes slaves not particualarly named in this my will, one third of my household goods & kitchen utensills & one half of my stock of horses cattle hogs & sheepItems I devise & bequeath unto my daughter Anges McDougal wife of John McDougal all that my plantation or tract of land on hunting swamp containing by estimation seven hundred & seventy five acres more or lefs & to her heirs & asfigns for ever ,also one forth part of my Negroes slaves not particulularly named in this my will & one third part of my household good & kitchen untensils ,Items I give devise & bequeath unto my grandson Samuel Grier son of William Grier deceased one third of that my plantation or four tracts of land situated on great pedee river where on I now reside containing ninteen hundred & fifty acres more or lefs& to his hairs & afsigns forever to be devided as herein after directed, also one forth part of my negroes slaves not particularly named in this my will. Items Igive devise & bequeath unto Agnes Jordan widow of Joseph Jordon dec. & to her heirs and afsigns for ever all that my plantation or tract of land containing by estimation three hundred acres joining the seven hundred & seventy five acres of land on hunting swamp given to my daughter Agnes McDougal as above mentioned also one Negro girl named Dibby & one Negro boy named Sambo.Item my will as I do order that my sister Mary Ridgill with her husband shall have free liberty to reside on my pedee plantation where I now dwell with land to plant thereon as long as she shall live & shall have the use &comtation of the dewelling house & conveniences there unto belonging until my son John shall arrive to his age of twenty one years. Item I do order that all the divisions directed or intented by this my will,as well of my real as of my personal estate,shallbe made by my Executrix & Executors herein after named or by three or more indifferent persons nomitated by them or by the survior or surviors of them for that purpose which divison certifyed under their hands & seals shall be for ever conclusive & binding upon every person whetever claiming or that may claim by from or under me by virtue of this my last will and testment or otherways. Lastly I do hereby nomitate constitute & appoint my sister Mary Ridgill Executrix & my friends Job Rothmahler & William Ridgill Executors of this my last will & testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made & declaring this only to be my last will & testament.In witnefs whereof I the said Samuel Grier have hereunto set my hand & seal this eleventh day of June Anno Domini one thosand seven hundred & sixty nine

Signed sealed published & declared

by the above name Samuel Grier as &

for his last will & testament in the pres- Samuel Grier

of us, who in his sight & in the sight of

each other,have at his request subscribed

our names as witnefses

Alex Wilson Proved by a virtue of a dedimus from

Susanna Grier his Excellency the governer directed to

Agnes Jordan Paul Trapier Esq 27 April 1772 at same time qualified Job Rothmahler Esq one of the executors to the above will .

Record in original will book 1771-1774

recored on page 163

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