In The Name of God Amen

I James Lowry of Salem County Merchant being in sound Memory, but Weak in body do make this my last Will and Testament. First, I recomend My soul to God. Who gave it me secondly that my body be Decently Intered in a Christian like Manner. Item after all my funeral Charges and Just Debts are paid I dispose of my property in the following Manner Viz. I will that all my Estate real and personal be sold upon one years credit and equally devided between my Brothers and Sisters Named as follows Robt William John Sam'l Elizabeth Ann David & Joseph except my ole Negro Winch Named Bella I will her her freedom it is my Will that all my Book Debts Notes Bonds etc be collected and equally divided as the rest of my property is I appoint my Brother Robert Lowry & James Burgefs my Executors to Which I set my hand and seal this 4th day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Ninety Nine------Singed sealed and delivered in the presence of

(Unsigned of original Will)(SEAL)


Philip Vaugh

Margriet Egan


Esther X Cappias


Recorded in Will Book "A" Page 1

Recorded 5th day of November 1799

Theo. L. Marion J. P. C. D.

Bundle 57 Package 5

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