Copy of the will of Abraham Moore and his wife Polly Evans Moore

Will dated May 9, 1861- he was an old man when this will was writtenBecause his daughter was born in 1817
State of South Carolina in Williamsburg County

Know all men by that I, Abraham Moore, doo make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following: vis: I wish my beloved wife to keep the plantation stock and negroes during her life time or time of widowhood, and at her death or marriage I wish all my personal property equally divided with my six children. The negroes to be divided with Mahala, wife of Jesse Cook; Jemima, wife of Martin S. Feagin, J. J. Moore, R. A. Moore, Evander E. Moore, and Benjamin C. Moore, to be theirs their lifetime and Jesse A. Cook to be given one dollar, and Martin S. Feagin one dollar of my estate The tract of land I now live on, I wish divided with my four sons, the west end to J. J. Moore and B. C. Moore, the east end to R. A, Moore and E. E. Moore, the tract on track on Johnson Swamp I leave to B. C. Moore, the Tract joining B. C. land I wish divided with B. C. & E. E. Moore. And it is my wish for my executors to call men to appraise and divide my estate without any expense of order for saile (sale) or appraisement, lastly I appoint J. J. Moore, and Samuel C. MacCutchen executors to this my Last Will & Testament thereby revoking all other & former wills made by me in witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this the 9th of May A. D, 1861,


Signed, sealed, prepared, & delivered as the last will and testament of The above named, Abraham Moore, in the presence of us who here subscribed our names as witness there to in the presence of the said Abraham Moore, And in the presence of each other, Elias L. Ellis, Benagy B. Dennis and Wiley McClam.

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