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Roll # 1836 Silas Rogers Will: Silas Rogers of Brittons Neck. Sons:Silas J. and John H. rogers. Grandson James G. Williams land granted to Jonathan Brown and the other to William Williams road leading from Potatoe Bed Road Ferry to Brittons Ferry in a branch leading from Judys POnd to Little Pee Dee Swamp-across Horse Shoe Island- edge of May Pond- taking Nancy Ann Williams line. Daughters: Nancy Ann Williams, Demarris Davis and Louisa L. Rogers. Son: James S. Rogers two tracts of land in Georgetown Dist. containing 1164 acres, originally granted to John T. Green and the other to Frances Green originally granted to John Snow. Appoint my sons James S. Rogers, John H. Rogers and Silas J. rogers Exors. Dated 6 June 1860. Witnesses: Richard W. Rogers, Sarah Dozier and T. J. Dozier. Proved 6 Aug. 1860. Appraisement dated 23 Aug. 1860. Negroes: 28. Sales: 14 Sept. 1860 Purchasers: James S. Rogers, J.H. Rogers, W.D. Martin, Louisa L. Rogers, J.B. Davis, A.B. Jourdan, L.D. Avant, S.J. Rogers, J. G. Williams, Nancy A. Williams and JOhn H. Rogers. Sales November 27, 1860. Purchasers: John H. Rogers, S.J. Rogers, J.S. Rogers, W.K. Marlow, G.W. Woodberry, J.T. Dozier, W.H. Crawford, Ann Williams, B.F. Davis, W.D. Martin,J.W.A. Woodberry, William Woodberry,Green Williams, R.J. Lowrimore, Ann Williams, J.G. Williams and N.A. Williams. Sales 27 7 28 Nov. 1860. G.W. Woodberry, Auct. T.J. Dozier Clerk. Purchasers: J.H. Rogers, S.J. Rogers, J.B. Davis, W.D. Martin and G.W. Woodberry. Commissioners: David Gibson, John Lowrimore, and T. J. Dozier 30 Nov. 1860 to divide negroes. Heirs: James S. Rogers, John H. Rogers, Silas J. Rogers, Demaris David, Lula R. Martin, Nancy Ann Williams, and Lydia Rogers.

**Major James S. Rogers is buried on the site just before the bridge on the right side of the road going toward Conway. I believe the property is now owned by the Richardsons. It is the old Rogers cemetery and there is a branch just below it. he married his cousin Martha and she is buried beside him.

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