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The Three Rivers Historical Society was created to collect and preserve information about the history, the land, and the people who settled along the Black, Lynches, and Pee Dee Rivers. In addition to collecting the materials, efforts to make these available to interested family members were of prime import. In keeping with the society's increased focus on genealogy the name of the organization was changed in 2017 to "Three Rivers Genealogical Society".

Today, there is an abundance of information available at the Society's headquarters located at 154 West Main Street, Lake City, SC.  [Nearly 450 files portraying the families who settled in this area beginning in the 1700.] Check to see if yours is there! We urge you to come by to see what is available on your direct lineage and related families. Collect, trace, and preserve your heritage for you and your children. Let them know "from whence you came".

Within the Three Rivers area, there are nine [9] historical markers that have been erected by the Society. There are a number of others just out of our primary area of interest, that have been erected by other organizations. These will enlarge your knowledge of the area and show your children Pee Dee history.

Historians have said, "If you don't know where you have been, how can you know where you are going?" Find your family; trace the names down through the generations, and know who you are. Contact us to see what we may have that could help you, we would like to be more than a "hidden" treasure.

Our newsletter, The Three Rivers Chronicle, is published four times a year. We are a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation. We welcome new members to join us and receive our quarterly Chronicle edition that is loaded with research information. Send $25 annual dues to the address below, application form link is found in "Join Us" on the left side panel. Foreign addresses require an additional $12 postage. We welcome and encourage members to submit their research and family stories for publication. Current back issues are available for $10 each. See our publications list for previous issues.


Office: 154 West Main Street, Lake City, SC  (call for hours)

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 103, Lake City, SC 29560 

Phone: 843-374-7100

Email: 3rivershs@ftc-i.net


Officers and Staff

Director: Emeritus Nell G. Morris

414 N. Main St.

Hemingway, SC 29554


President: Shirley Cayton

P.O. Box 626

Aynor, SC  29511

Email: jcayton3@earthlink.net


Vice President:  Fran Hall

3247 Johnsonville Hwy.

Lake City, SC  29560

Email: president3rhs@ftc-i.net


Secretary: Ann Richardson

350 Lancelot Way

Lake City, SC  29560

843-389 0404



Treasurer: Jack Cayton

P.O. Box 626

Aynor S.C. 29511




Any of the officers and staff can be contacted via email at 3rivershs@ftc-i.net


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