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Bible of the Troy William Gaskins Family of the Liberty Section of Florence County, SC.


Troy William Gaskins born Nov. 7. 1901 Liberty Section Died Nov. 22. 1931. Buried Gaskins Cemertry.

Dora Prosser Gaskins born Aug. 19. 1904 Hymanville, SC.

Troy William Gaskins married Dora D. Prosser Gaskins 12/2/58 at Florence, Church of God at 6:30 pm.

Troy William Johnson (Death) Feb. 13, 1963 at Finger Clinic 10:30 Wed night. Burial Feb. 16, 1963 on Sat. 2 p.m. at Lake City Church of God remains in Mount hope Cemetary at Florence, S.C.


Gertrude Gaskins born Sept. 16, 1925 Hemingway, S.C. Married at Leo Church to Zuel Hanna.

John. W. Gaskins born Oct 30. 1926. Hemingway, S.C. Married at Leo Parsonage to Dotsey Miles.

Marvin Gaskins born Aug. 25. 1928. Hemingway, S.C. Married at New Town Church to Syliila Home.

Ernest Gaskins born Jan. 11, 1930 Hemingway, S.C. Married at Scranton Church to Kitty Mae Taylor.

Troy Gaskins, Jr. born Nov. 29. 1931 Hemingway, S.C.


Prosser Family Deaths

John A. Died May. 19, 1924.

Elminer. J. Died Nov. 5. 1918.

Lorrie. J. Died Aug. 10. 1904.

Mack. E. Died May. 5. 1914

Nancy. Jane. Died May 5, 1915

Elijah. H. Died Jan 31. 1958

Ola. Lee. Died June. 24. 1959

Nita. P. Died Nov. 17. 1960

Mary. J. Died Apr. 20, 1940

Gaskins Deaths

William Troy Gaskins Nov. 22. 1931

James. Ernest Feb 1. 1954

William Troy Johnson Feb. 13. 1963.

Prosser Family Births

John A. Prosser May 12. 1870

Eliminer J. -- (Born)

Joe. S. May. 20. 1900

Quincy. D. Sep. 22. 1901.

Lizzie. Dora. Aug. 19. 1904 died 9/25/72

Elijah. H. June. 26. 1907

Philip. A. July. 19. 1909

John. Mark May 25 1912

Mary. J. Oct. 18. 1914

Ola. I.. Sep. 23. 1917

Lorrie. J. Apr. 9. 1904

Mack. E. Sept. 24. 1910

Nancy. J. Borned Dead May 5, 1915

Mrs. Maggie L. Gaskins McAlister died April. 7. 1962 on sat morning at Acline St Lake City at her apt Buried at Gaskins Cemetary on mon folling at. 11. a.m. age. 78.

William Troy Johnson died Feb 13 1963 on Wed night 10:30 oclock at Finger Clinic Marion, S.C. age. 71. Buried in Mount Hope Cemetery Florence, S.C.

Pearly Driggers died July 27 - 1955 In Germany age 43. Buried Aug. 11. 1955 at New town Baptist Church Olanta, S.C.

Ernest. J. Gaskins died Feb. 1. 1954 at Vet Hospital in Colombia, S C Buried in Lake City Cementry on Church Street Fri. 5. 1954

Nita. P. Poston died Nov 17. 1960 - about 10 oclock at saunders memorial Hospital Florence, S.C. Buried at Union Baptist Cementry Hanna. S.C.

Ola Lee P. Dickson Born Aug. 5 - 1922 died June 24, 1959 about 7:30 o clock wed night at McLeods Hospital. Florence. S.C.

Martha Prosser Died 1961 at Florence Nursing Home on Pamplico Highway Buried at High Hill Baptist church near Scranton, S.C.


MARRIED Feb. 22. 1934. Florence Court House.

HUSBAND James Pearly Driggers. Born Nov 22 1911 Olanta. S.C.

WIFE Dora Gaskins Driggers Born Aug. 19. 1904. Hymanville, S.C.

REMARKS Mr. Johnson Social Security No 719-09-5433

William Troy Johnson was born Feb 20. 1892 at Andrews.


Donnie Eugene Dickson Jr. was born on Sat Jan 14 1961 about 5 oclock at Saunders memorial Hospital Florence, S.C.

Linda Gale Gaskins was born March 24 on Fri 1961 at Timmonsville Clinic

Lisa Gaskins was born Jan. 20. 1963 in McLeods Hospital 11 o clock Sunday


Donnie E. Dickson & Sandra Kirby was married Jan. 15. 1960 on Fri night 7 o clock at Lake City Baptist Church

Mack. J. Prosser & Alma Burton was married at her Home in Georgetown Sun pm Feb. 14. 1960.

Ruby Faye Hanna. & Carol Cribb was married July 12. 1963 at South side Baptist Church Johnsonville. S.C.

Ruby Faye first baby Carol Faye Born Dec. 10, 1965

Second baby Born June 1 1970 on Monday p.m at McLeods Florence



Bible of the James Gibson Family.


James Gibson to Elizabeth M. Snow 2nd Dec 1824.

James G. to Frances Rebecca Johnson 7th April 1836.

Leonard Stone to F.R. Gibson January 14th 1841.

A.G. Cox Departed this Life April 27, 1883 at half past 2 oclock in the morning aged 1 year 4 months and 20 days was Born December 3, 1881 at half past 5 oclock in the morning.

F.R. Stone Departed this Life Oct 11, 1879 at 2 oclock in the morning.

W.L. Cox Departed this Life at 5 oclock in the morning Aug. 3, 1893 age 23 years 1 month 16 Days.

J E Cox Died Oct 2nd 1919

Mrs. J E Cox Died Aug 28th 1916

Robert J Cox Died Jan the 12th 1919


James Gibson in August 1797.

Elizabeth Mary Snow in July 27th 1809.

Robert Nathaniel G. Decr. 16th 1825.

Agness Jane G. June 25the 1827.

Elizabeth Mary G. March 24th 1829

James Snow G. June 28th 1831

John William G. Decr. 31st 1832

Thomas Postell November 29th 1834.

John James P. Gibson was in August 22nd 1858.

Mrs. Sarah Williams Departed this Life March the 17th A.D. 1850 aged 63 years on Sunday morning between 1 & 2 o clock

----------was born April 15th 1859.



Bible of the James L. Godwin Family of Lake City, SC. In possession of Nell Godwin Morris, Hemingway, SC.

James Leonidas Godwin was born April 3rd 1876, died Sept. 29, 1955

Alice Penelope M. Godwin born May 3rd 1886

Ton Linder Godwin born Apr. 16th 1907

Agnes Evelyn Godwin born June 29th 1909, died Oct. 10, 1973

Leone Violet Godwin born Dec. 23 1911

Uneda Miriam Godwin born Dec. 31st 1913

Henry Evander Godwin born Feb. 10 1916

Rose Nell Godwin born July 6th 1918

Clara Bernice Godwin born Sept 11th 1920

William Guy Godwin born Oct 26 1922, died March 20, 1945

Ruby Lee Godwin born Oct 16th 1924 died Oct. 21, 1958

James Paul Godwin born Oct 11th 1926

Hariet Sue Godwin born Oct. 9th 1928

Dexter Levon Godwin born April 8th 1934



Bible of the Joe Humbert Godwin Family of Lake City, SC. In possession of his family and copied by Bernice Godwin McCutcheon, Lake City, SC.


Joe Humbert Godwin m. Sept. 6, 1939 LaGrace Parker.

Joann Godwin married June 15, 1962 Caleb Parker.

Flora Godwin m. Mar. 27, 1965 to Hydrick Bolen.

Mary Godwin m. Nov. 15, 1970 to David Hewitt.

Ray Humbert Godwin m. Feb. 6, 1971 to Donna Banks.

Frances Godwin m. Dec. 30, 1977 to Bill Hoffmeyer.


Joe Humbert Godwin was born Oct. 26, 1905.

LaGrace Parker Godwin born Nov. 11, 1915 died Oct. 20, 1985.

Joann Godwin was born Jan. 17, 1941.

Flora Godwin was born Oct. 25, 1945.

Mary Godwin was born June 6, 1947.

Ray Humbert Godwin was born May 26, 1949.

Frances Godwin was born Feb. 28, 1943.

Dale Godwin was born Dec. 3, 1950.


Stephen Parker, born Apr. 30, 1963, son of Joann Godwin & Caleb Parker.

Julia A. Parker, born June 9, 1965, a dau. of Caleb Parker & Joann Godwin.

Stanley R. Parker, born Feb. 27, 1970, a son of Caleb Parker & Joann Godwin.

Nicholas Alexander Parker, born Aug. 18, 1992, dau. of Stephen Parker & Shelley.

Dawn Marie Bolen born Nov. 22, 1967, dau. of Hydrick Bolen & Flora Godwin.

Sonja Bolen born Feb. 1969, dau. of Hydrick Bolen and Flora Godwin.

Jonathan Kyle Hewitt, born Jan. 1974, son of David Hewitt & Mary Godwin.

Ryan Hewitt, born May 2, 1976, son of David Hewitt and Mary Godwin.

Michael Douglas Jordan, born Sept. 9, 1969, a son of Douglas Jordan & Frances Godwin.

Robert Jordan born Mar. 17, 1971, a son of Douglas Jordan and Frances Godwin.

Christopher Godwin born July 17, 1970 a son of Ray Humbert Godwin & Donna Banks.

Marriages Grandchildren

Dawn Marie Bolen m. May 13, 1989 to Kent Richard Andrel.

Sonja Vaughan Bolen m. June 22, 1991 to Douglas Wayne Smith.

Caleb Stephen Parker m. July 27, 1985 to Shelly Carlene Spillers.

Julia Ann Parker m. Donnie Haymond.



Bible of James and Maria Godwin.


Jas. M. Godwin was born April 26th 1854.

EW Godwin (wife of JM Godwin) was born Nov. 8th 1854.

Willie J. Godwin was born December 9th 1872.

Janice E. Godwin was born June 22nd 1874.

Eugenia B. Godwin was born July 25th 1876.

Florence May Godwin was born Nov. 1st 1878.

Juliette Berteo Godwin was born Nov. 25th 1880.

Jos James Godwin was born March 16th 1883.

Robb Hamilton Godwin was born August 13th 1885.

Eula Alma Godwin was born Nov. 29th 1884.

John Kilgo Godwin was born May 17th 1890.

Elwood M. Godwin was born Feb. 23rd 1893.

Winfred Olin Godwin was born August 14th 1895.

Hamilton Haddock was born April 23rd 1895.


Eula Alma Godwin died Sept. 22nd 1888.

Eleanor Maria Godwin(wife of JM Godwin)died August 29th 1921.

Jos. M. Godwin died April 14, 1924.

George M. Thomas died Jan. 7, 1932.

Alexander Hamilton Godwin died Dec. 11th 1904.

Robbert Hamilton Godwin died January 25th 1945.

Ethel Godwin died Sept. 27th 1944.

Janie E. Holliday died March 28th 1961.


J. M. Godwin and E. W. Waldrow was married 19th of Dec. 187(?)

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