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William Gasque Harmon born Feb. 15. 1877.

Mildred Corine Harmon born 22nd of July 1877.

Hannah S. Hines born Jan. 4. 1809.

N.H. Harmon born October 20, 1812.

John M. Foxworth born August 23. 1857.


Hannah S. Harmon died March 6, 1870.

N.H. Harmon died Aug. 23 1880.

John D. Harmon died September 23, 1850.

Sarah F. Harmon died September 24. 1850.

George W. Harmon died April 10. 1844.

W H Harmon died Nov. 28 1926.

Mary E. Harmon died April 14 1929


William Henry Harmon was born July 25th 1848.

Mary E. Harmon was born August 20th, 1851.

Martha Louella McDuffie Harmon was born Feb. 5 1889.



CERTIFICATE. This Certifies THAT THE RITE OF HOLY MATRIMONY WAS CELEBRATED BETWEEN Marall J. Harrell of Timmonsville and Letha V. Coleman of Hyman on April 29, 1917 at Pamplico by B J Hyman.


Marall James Harrell Born June 11, 1898.

Letha Viola Coleman Born Aug. 8. 1900

Mary Louise Harrell Born July 8. 1922

William Monroe Harrell Born Sept. 8, 1924.

Eva Jesene Harrell Born Aug - 19. 1927.

Lennie Burnice Harrell Born Nov. 8 1930

James Clarence Harrell. Born. Aug. 24 19.32.

Shirley Geneiva Harrell Born March 23, 1936


Lennie Burnice Harrell Died Dec. 3. 1930.

Shirley Geneiver Harrell Died Oct. 7, 1941

Morall J. Harrell Died Jan 31st 1969

Letha C. Harrell Died Feb. 17, 1982

James Clarence Harrell died Jan 5, 1984


Ralph John Kester/Mary Louise Harrell 01/25/1943

William Monroe Harrell/Elizabeth Irene Haines 05/13/1946

Wadlyn Eaddy/Eva Jesene Harrell 06/09/1954

James Clarence Harrell/Sara Frances Cook 10/07/1950

William Monroe Harrell/Glen Dora Harrelson Welch 04/13/1973

James Clarence Harrell/Sylvia Virginia Gaines Crouse 03/21/1959



Bible of the Fowler Pressley Harrington Family of New Zion, SC. In possession of Fred Harrington, Manning, SC.

CERTIFICATE. This Certifies That the Rite of HOLY MATRIMONY was celebrated between Fowler Pressley Harrington of New Zion, S.C. and Susan Palina Reardon of New Zion, S.C. on November 30th 1871 at New Zion, S.C.


Joseph Z. Harrington & Elizabeth C. Kinder was Married, Dec. 12th 1839.

Fowler Pressley Harrington & Susan Palina Reardon was married November

30th 1871.

R.E. Harrington & M.M. Reardon was Married Jan, 3rd 1878

S.B. Harrington & E.C. Harrington married November 4th 1891.

Frank Evans & Margret Eugenia Harrington Married January 23th 1895.

V.S. Evans & Julia Izabellia Harrington married Dec 18 1895

R.T. Harrington & Mary T. Harrington Marred May 12 1898

S.J.K. Harrington & S.E. Evans Marred December 3" 1902

Robert Epps Harrington to Bertha Reardon married Nov. 13th 1907.

F. Olga Harrington to Thos. W. Epps Married Oct 8th 1908.

Harvey Burton Harrington and Hattie B. Crick were married April 9th 1913.

Jacob M. Harrington & Goldie Brunson was married May 18 - 1976

December 21, 1980 ---------------Goldie Brunson died August 15, 1982


Joseph Zachariah Harrington was born December 3rd 1814.

Elizabeth Caroline Kinder was born June 20th 1818.

Fowler Presley Harrington, Our second son born October 19th 1848.

Susan Paulina Reardon born June 19th 1855.

Our first Daughter Margaret Ugenia born December 29th 1872.

Our Second Daughter Elizabeth Caroline born October 26th 1874.

Our Third Daughter Julia Izabella born August 15th 1876.

Our Fourth Daughter Mary Terresa Jane was born Dec. 14th 1878.

Our first son John Kinder was born September 13th 1881.

Our second son Harvey Burton was born February 18th 1889.

our Third son Robert Epps was born June 16th 1886.

Our fifth Daughter Keeler Olga Harrington was Borne June 18th 1888.


John Kinder Harrington departed this life July 1st 1864 Age Twenty years three months, & twenty one days.

Joseph Zachariah Harrington Departed this life Sept 15th 1871 Age Fifty-five years nine months three days.

Elizabeth Caroline Harrington departed this life may 8th 1899 Age 81 years Ten months 18 days.

James Oliver Harrington. Departed this life Apr. 2th 1909. Age 17 years 8 months and 27 days.

Fowler Pressley Harrington departed this life September 23rd 1914.

Susan Polina Harrington departed this life March 2nd 1915. Age 59 years 8 months and 13 day

Elizabeth Caroline Died Nov. 20 - 1946. John Kinder Died Jan. 10, 1951. Robert Epps Died Oct. 17, 1951. Julia Izabella Died Feb. 26, 1952. Margaret Eugenia Died Feb. 21 - 1953. Mary Teresa Died Oct. 13, 1953. Hervey Burton Died Nov. 20, 1986. Fowler Olga died March 28 - 1972 Jacob McLea died 12-21-1980. Gladys Estelle Harrington died July 7, 1955.

Our Fifth Son Jacob Mcleod Born Nov 13 1895 - Died December 21, 1980

Mildred Estelle Harrington, Born Sept. 14th 1920

Thomas McLeod Harrington, Born Sept. 12th - 1923

Fred Pressley Harrington Born June, 30th - 1927

William Franklin Harrington Born May - 13th 1935

Mildred Estelle Harrington married Thomas McReece Duke on April 26, 1937. Thomas McReece Duke died Feburuary 8, 1980. Mildred Estelle Duke died: Their children:

1. Gladys Jodean Duke, born July 3, 1938 - Died:

2. Lois Marie Duke, born January 7, 1944 - Married James E. Brownlee,

Jr., born April 18, 1940 died Sept 6, 1968. Married second to Donald

White, born July 3rd 1942 Children:

1. Dona Elizabeth (Betsy) White, born Nov. 13, 1972

2. Andrew McLeod (Andy) White, born May 22, 1976

3. Sharon Vera Duke, born Oct. 7, 1946 Married Curtis Lavon Welch,

born Oct 9, 1945.

Thomas McLeod Harrington married LaVirgin Burgess April 28, 1945, born Sept. 12, 1923. They had no children.

Fred Pressley Harrington, born June 30, 1927 married Ruby Joan Tisdale, June 27, 1953, born May 29, 1933. Their children:

1. Sherry Joanne Harrington born July 12, 1954.

2. John McLeod Harrington, born April 16, 1958 married Debra Lyn

Turbeville, born December 15, 1958. Their children:

1. Jason McLeod Harrington, born May 12, 1978

2. Thomas Elliott Harrington, born April 11, 1981.

William Franklin Harrington, born May 13, 1935 married Sara Hildreth Rodgers, born May 2, 1934. Their children:

1. Victoria Estelle Harrington, born July 22, 1961

2. Susan Dawn Harrington, born March 29 1965

Reardon Births, Marriages, and Deaths.

John James Reardon, Sr. (Son of Daniel Reardon) was born Dec. 20, 1804, and Margaret, (Peggy) Epps, (Daughter of Daniel Epps and ------------Frierson) Born Oct 10, 1800 married Feb 27 - 1828. Peggie died April 25, 1881.

John James Jr. (son of John James Reardon Sr. and Peggie Epps, was Born (Mar. 25, 1830,) Married ------Margaret, (Peggie,) Anderson, (Born Dec. 30, 1830) on Dec. 3, 1853, John James, Jr. Died Jan. 31st 1908 Peggie Died Aug. 9, 1870.

Margaret Anderson was the daughter of Edward Anderson and Mary W. McIntosh, Edward died 1857. Mary McIntosh, was the daughter of William McIntosh and Mary Reardon. (Sister of Daniel Reardon) At her death William McIntosh married Elizabeth Harrington (Sister of John.)

Harrington Births, Marriages, and Deaths.

Joseph and Mary Harrington was living somewhere in the New Zion section of what is now Clarendon County before 1775. Date of Births, Marriages, and only the death of Joseph is known which was in 1804.

Mary then married Richard Rawlins (or Rollins.)

John Harrington, (Son of Joseph and Mary) and Sarah Byrd, (daughter of Zachariah and Rhodena Byrd) lived in the New Zion community on Newmans branch where he owned a large track of land, and is burried in unmarked graves on the banks of Newmans branch

Joseph Zachariah, (Son of John and Sara Byrd) Harrington was born Dec. 3, 1814, and Elizabeth Caraline Kinder born June 10, 1818 was married Dec. 12, 1839. Joseph Zachariah died Sept. 15, 1871, and Elizabeth Caroline died May 8, 1899.

Fowler Pressley, (Son of Joseph Zachariah and Elizabeth Caroline Kinder Harrington) was born Oct. 19, 1848 and Susan Pauline Reardon, (daughter of John James, Jr. and Margaret Anderson) Born June 19, 1855 was married Nov. 30, 1881. Fowler Pressley died Sept 23, 1914. Susan Paulina died March 2, 1915.

Family Records.

Children of Sharon Vera Duke & Curtis Lavon Welch:

Susan Teresa Welch born, February 15, 1967.

Curtis McReece Welch, born April 1, 1975.

Victoria Estelle Harrington married Harold August Franch on June June 25, 1983.



Bible presented to Myrtle H. Hughes by her husband, R.A. Hughes. In possession of Rebecca Hughes Dunahoe, Hemingway, SC.

WHAT THEREFORE GOD HATH JOINED TOGETHER LET NOT MAN PUT ASUNDER. THIS IS TO CERTIFY That Richard A. Hughes and Geatha Myrtle Hughes WERE UNITED BY ME IN THE BONDS OF HOLY MATRIMONY At Home on the 28th day of April in the year of our Lord 1921 in Presence of Family and Friends, Signed Rev. N.B. Sturgeon, Hemingway, S.C.


Martha C. Hughes - Jan. 12th, 1928,

Sarah Martha Hughes - Sep. 21th 1932,

Wallie Jones Hughes - March, 16th, 1934,

Stonewall Jackson Hughes - June 10th, 1937

James W. Hughes - Aug. 26, 1944

Christian W. Hughes - Feb. 6, 1956

Kenneth Carol Hughes - Feb. 5, 1956

Richard A. Hughes Sep. 7, 1960

Getha Myrtle Hughes - April 25, 1983

Jay Hughes, retired farmer and merchant of near Hemingway, died at his home after a cerebral hemorrhage. He died at the age of 79 on April 9, 1962.

Jessie Lee Hughes, retired operator of Hughes Boat Landing, died at the age of 89 on May 3, 1978.

Mrs. Alma Hughes Davis, died Sunday December 10, 1978 at the age of 77 and was buried in Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery.

Sidney Hughes, 86, died May 28, 1978, and was buried in Ebenezer United Methodist Church Cemetery.

Mrs. Grace Hughes Lewis, aged 81, died July 25, 1975. She was buried in Ebenezer United Methodist Church Cemetery.

James Monroe Carmichael, farmer of near Hemingway.



Bible of the Robert E. Lee Hughes Family of Hemingway, SC. In possession of Geneva Ann Wall, Hemingway, SC.

The voice that breathed over Eden

That earliest wedding day

The primalo marriage blessing

It hath not passed away.

This certifies that Robert E. Lee Hughes and Eliza Price were by me United in Marriage According to the Ordinance of God... The Lord bless Thee and keep Thee.

My school is Muddy Creek

My name is Edna Edwards

My mother name is fannie

My sister name is florence

I live in Muddy creek

Edna Edwards


Annie Bunch Hughes

Eve Hughes

Hugh Price Hughes

Frank Eaddy Hughes

Eppie Hughes

Fannie Hughes

Miller Hughes

Jo Lynn Hughes



Bible of the Stonewall Jackson Hughes Family of Hemingway, SC. In possession of

Rebecca Hughes Dunahoe, Hemingway, SC.

Stonewall Jackson Hughes and Sarah Martha Thompson were married March 22, 1879.

Stonewall Jackson Hughes was born Feb. 22, 1862.

Sarah Martha Thompson was born July 13, 1864.

John William Hughes and Desdie Monnie Perry were married Dec. 13, 1905.

Jessie Lee Hughes and Rebecca Jane Brown were married Aug. 19, 1908.

William Osgood Lewis and Onie Grace Hughes was married Dec. 31, 1911.

Getha Myrtle Hughes and Richard Hughes was married April 28, 1921.

Clara Sojourn and Eddie Powell was married Oct. 9, 1918.

Alma Victoria Hughes & Gilbert Davis was married Feb. 24, 1923.

Edith Elena Hughes Hughes & Cape McDaniel was married Sep. 5, 1923.

Ruby Hughes and Fred Edwards was married Dec. 24, 1925.

Wallie Jones and Sallie Wall was married July 28, 1917.

Sidney Lenare Hughes and Emma Dennis was married Sep. 16, 1919.

John William Hughes was born Nov. 19, 1882.

Jessie Lee Hughes was born Dec. 3, 1888.

Sidney Lenare Hughes was born May 4, 1892.

Onner Grace Hughes was born June 24, 1894.

Stonewall Jones Hughes was born Oct. 28, 1895.

Getha Myrtle Hughes was born Aug. 7, 1897.

Clara Sojourn Hughes was born March 14, 1899.

Alma Victoria Hughes was born April 21, 1901.

Edith Elena Hughes was born March 12, 1903.

Ruby Lee Hughes was born July 8, 1906.

Sarah Martha Hughes died Sept. 21, 1932.

Wallie Jones Hughes died March 28, 1933.

Stonewall Hughes died June 10, 1937.

Richard A. Hughes died Sept. 7, 1960, at the age of 67. He was a retired farmer and lumberman of Hemingway. He died at the Johnson Memorial Hospital after suffering a heart attack. A son of James Wesley Hughes and Sarah Martha Carmichael, he was buried in Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery.

Kenneth Carroll Hughes, son of Richard Carroll Hughes and Christine Elizabeth Woodberry, died Feb. 5, 1956, at the Johnson Memorial Hospital and was buried in Ebenezer Cemetery.

Christine Elizabeth Woodberry Hughes, wife of Richard Carroll Hughes, died in the Johnson Memorial Hospital, at the age of 18. Buried in Ebenezer Cemetery.

Getha Myrtle Hughes, wife of Richard A. Hughes and daughter of Stonewall Jackson Hughes, died Apr. 25, 1983, at the home of her daughter, Rebecca Dunahoe, Georgetown, SC. She was a former teacher at the Old Good Hope School and was buried at Ebenezer Cemetery.

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