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Bible of the D.S. Carmichael Family of

THIS CERTIFIES THAT D.S. Carmichael and Margaret McLellan, WERE SOLEMNLY UNITED BY ME IN THE BONDS OF HOLY MATRIMONY at Bethel Church on the 11th day of Nov, in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy seven conformably to the ORDINANCE OF GOD AND THE LAWS OF THE STATE. Rev. D.J. Cousin M. In Presence of N. Townsend, G.S. McCallum. Signed D.S. Carmichael and Margret McL.


Dinis Carmichael b. 1856 Marion, S.C. m. 1877.

Margret Carmichael b. 1868 Marion, S.C., m. 1877.

Charlotte b. Aug. 1878 Robeson, N.C.

W.L. Carmichael, b. June 9/80, Marion, S.C.

A.J. Carmichael, b. July 12/82, Marion, SC. d. Sept. 13-19--

M.F.C., b. Jan. 6/85, Marion, S.C. m. 11-17-1904 d. Sept. 13,

J.E.C., b. May 14/87, Marion, S.C. d. July 28/88

S.E.C., b. Sept. 14/89, Marion, S.C. m. 11-10-1907

J.H.C., b. Feb 10/92, Marion, S.C.

Infant, b. June 9/94, Marion, S.C., died June 16/94

Lolly C.C., born March 24/95, Marion, S.C.

Infant Boy, born March 24/95, Marion, S.C. d. March 24/95

M.R.C., born May 16 - 1900, Marion, S.C.

M. Carmichael, born May 5 - 1902, Marion, S.C.

L.D. Carmichael, born October 27 - 1897, Marion, S.C.

D.A. Carmichael, born May - 9 - 1906, Marion, S.C.

A.S. Leach, born Dec - 22 - 1887, Marion, S.C.

Geo. W. Leach, born Oct - 2 - 1900, Marion, S.C.



Bible that once belonged to Ozell Cockfield. Before his death in 1957, he gave it to his sister-in-law, Frances. In possession of Frances S. Cockfield, Hemingway, SC.

Anna Francine

Philip Pledger Cockfield was born October 23, 1922 at Williamsburg County, a son of Tristam Alexandra Cockfield and Anna (Cribb) Cockfield.

Lula Frances Cockfield was born May 13, 1922 at Horry County, a daughter of Henry Singleton and Emma Gussie (Fullwood) Singleton.

Philip and Frances were married at the Courthouse in Kingstree, by the Probate Judge on May 22, 1941.


Pledger Wiley Cockfield Aug. 3, 1942

Albert Lavern Cockfield borned Oct. 23, 1943.

Nancy Loretta Cockfield Oct. 25, 1944.

Marilyn Anita Cockfield borned Dec. 23, 1946.

Carolyn Lutricia Cockfield borned July 1, 1948.

Edna Earl Cockfield borned Feb. 28, 1950.

Nancy Elizabeth Cockfield borned Oct. 25, 1951.

Roy Kapak Cockfield borned May 3, 1954.

Ruth Naomi Cockfield was born Oct. 2, 1955.

Ila Mae -- Dec. 23, 1957

Alfred Legette Sept. 9, 1960

Philip Junior May 7, 1962

Triston Henry Cockfield March 22, 1964.


Lavern Cockfield married Geneva Lynch Oct. 23, 1963.

Carolyn Cockfield married Frank Smith Jan. 17, 1964.

Wiley Cockfield married Nancy Joann Drake May 18, 1965.

Marilyn Cockfield married Marvin Ard June 17, 1966.

Edna Earl Cockfield married James Lee June 12, 1970.

Ruth married Willie Lyerly.

Nancy Cockfield married Julius Lyerly Nov. 1975.

Ila Mae Cockfield married Elvis Byrd Jan. 1, 1977.


Nancy Loretta Cockfield borned dead - Oct. 25, 1944.

Tristam Henry Cockfield died a few minutes after birth March 22, 1964.

Johnny Cockfield was borned March, 1945.

1189 chapters in the Bible.

106 verses on tithing.



Philip Cockfield's Bible. Now in possession of his daughter, Nancy C. Lyerly, Hemingway, SC.


Triston Cockfield born June 2

Anna Cribb Cockfield, a daughter of Mr. Cribb and Mrs. Cribb


Brinkly Alexanderette Cockfield

Anna Eliza Cockfield

Ella Cockfield

Colon Kapak Cockfield

Philip Pledger Cockfield

Mildred Cockfield

Louise Cockfield

Thomas Leroy Cockfield


Brinkly Cockfield married Louise Caulder

Liza Cockfield married Thomas Roberts

Ella Cockfield married J.C. Miles

Colon Cockfield married Evelyn Taylor

Philip Cockfield married to Frances Singleton


Anna Cockfield died January 1, 1953

Louise Cockfield

Mildred Cockfield

Nancy Loretta Cockfield

Triston Henry Cockfield

Philip Pledger Cockfield -- April 4, 1991

The Twelve Disciples

Andrew, Bartholomew, John, Peter, Jude, Thomas, Matthew, James (The Less), James (The Brother of John), Philip, Simon, Judas.


Philip P. Cockfield, R - 3, Box. 7, Hemingway, SC Go to church



Bible of the William Cockfield Family of the Friendfield Community, near what is now Coward, SC. In possession of Olin Matthews, New Smyrna Beach, FL.


William Cockfield, born August 1, 1780.

Janet Hamilton, born February 28, 1782.

[Children of William & Janet Cockfield]

Josiah Cockfield, born Jan. 3, 1802, Monday about 12 o'clock

Mary Cockfield, born August 21, 1804, at night at or near 12 o'clock

Sarah H. Cockfield, born Oct. 10, 1805, night 10 o'clock

Martha Cockfield, born April 12, 1808, near 8 o'clock night

William H. Cockfield, born Aug. 25, 1816, 10 o'clock A.M.

[Children of Wm. Hamilton Cockfield & Hannah Cockfield:]

Ladson Hartley Cockfield, born Jan. 12, 1846

Letitia Everette Cockfield, born Feb. 16, 1847

Justin Compore Cockfield, born Nov. 22, 1848

Anglo Puritan Cockfield, born Jan. 5, 1852

Belton Theodocia Cockfield, born Nov. 19, 1853

Tustin Leval Cockfield, born May 31, 1855

Belton Theodocia Cockfield, born Oct. 3, 1857


William Cockfield married Janet Hamilton Jan. 15, 1801

William Hamilton Cockfield married Hannah Cockfield Jan. 24, 1845

Martha H. Cockfield married Samuel C. James Jan. 13, 1827.

Tuston Cockfield married Aug. 16, 1875.


Garretton Washington James born Oct. 24, 1830.


William Cockfield died Feb. 6, 1825 age 44 six months 5 days

Janet Hamilton Cockfield died May 9, 1838

Hannah Cockfield died Aug. 23, 1895 age 73

Sarah Reid Cockfield died Oct. 9, 1820 age 4 years, 11 months 9 days

Jonah (or Sarah or Josiah??) Cockfield died Jan. 9, 1822 age 19

Ladson Hartley Cockfield died Jan. 22, 1846

Belton Theodocia Cockfield died May 12, 1854

Lillie Cockfield died Jan. 28, 1900

Tustin Leval Cockfield died Mar. 23, 1911



Bible of the Major A.J. Cook Family.

"WHAT GOD HATH JOINED TOGETHER, LET NOT MAN PUT ASUNDER." This Certifies THAT THE RITE OF HOLY MATRIMONY WAS CELEBRATED BETWEEN Major A.J. Cook of South Carolina and Eugenia Evans of South Carolina on 20th of Nov. 1878 at Mr. Sam Evans, by Rev. Madison Baker. Witness: Mr. & Mrs. W.D. Smiley and Mr. W.B. Evans and Miss Mary Evans.


Ja Cook (Sept. 4th 1900) Lillie McClam

J.E. Cook Emily Cox

Amanda Cook (Apr. 10, 1911) Paul Askins

H.B. Cook (Feb. 3, 1916) Jessie BeThea

R.J. Cook (Jun. 19, 1908) Juanita Feagin

Clarie Cooke W.M. Smiley

Pearl Cook (Dec. 16, 1914) H H Smiley

Cora Cook (Oct 28, 1914) Tillman Thomas

Preston Cook Berta Dennis

Clifton Cook (May 30, 1920) Ruby Collins


Major A.J. Coiok Born. Oct. 18, 1858

Alice Eugenia Evans Born Dec. 7, 1861

Jessie Alpheus Cook, was borned - Jan 8th, 1880

John Edward Cook, was borned - July 22nd 1882

Mary Amanda Cook, was borned - June 19th 1884

Harvey Benson Cook, was bonred Feb. 13th 1886

Robert James Cook, was borned Aug. 19th 1888

Clara Viola Cook, was borned Aug. 13, 1891

Anna Pearle Cook, was borned May 21, 1893

Cora Eugenia Cook, was borned Sept. 12 1895

Samuel Preston Cook, was borned Sept 25th, 1897

William Clifton Cook, was borned Feb. 21st, 1900


Major A.J. Cook died Sept 26th, 1902.

Alice Eugenia Evans Cook

Mary Amanda Cook Askins died March 7, 1911

Jell Cook died Dec. 28, 1928

J.E. Cook

H.B. Cook MAY 30, 1947


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