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Bible of the Lennard W. Dennis Family.

WHAT THEREFORE GOD HATH JOINED TOGETHER LET NOT MAN PUT ASUNDER. THIS IS TO CERTIFY That Lennard W. Dennis and Susannah L. Rodgers WERE UNITED BY ME IN THE BONDS OF HOLY MATRIMONY At AT Rodgers on the 17 day of February in the year of our Lord 1886 in Presence of J McWeaver & J J McAlister Signed LW Dennis Susanah L. Dennies.


L W Dennis was Borned May 15th 1862

Mrs. Susanah Lejunds Dennis was Borned Feb 28th 1866

Lodusca Ellen Dennis was Borned Jan 26 1887

Lorena Celia Dennis was Borned July 6th 1889

Ollie Bright Dennis was Borned Sep 7th 1891

William Sheldon Dennis was Borned Sep 25th 1893

Flora Alma Dennis was Borned June 1st 1896

French Bird Dennis was Borned Feb 3d 1899

Carrie Alaska Dennis 1901


William Sheldon Dennis Departe This life Oct 2nd 1893

Ollie Bright Dennis Departed this life Aug 24 1894

Carrie Alaska Dennis Thompson, Departed this Life November 28, 1937

Lennard W. Dennis. Departed This Life April 10, 1922.

Susanah l. Rodgers Dennis, Departed This Life September The 6th 1941.

"Florrie" Flora Alma Dennis Timmons Departed this Life Nov. 5, 1968.



Bible of the Thomas Flovier Duke Family of New Zion, SC. In possession of Melvin Duke, New Zion, SC.


Edward Pinkney Fleming And Elizabeth Mary Burrows was Married, November 25th 1830.

Thomas Flovier Duke. And Jane Snowden Fleming was Married October 28th --------


Edward Pinkey Fleming was Born September 16th 1802

Elizabeth Mary Burrows was Born March 18th 1810

the above married on Nov. 25, 1830

Thomas Flovier Duke was Born February 25th 1841. And Jane Snowden Fleming, was Born February 10th 1830.

Children of T.F. & J.S. Duke

Thomas Edward Duke was Born January 20th 1859

Daniel Brown Duke was Born June 11th 1861.

Mary Orianna Ina Duke was Born October 1st 1864.

William Fowler Duke was born September ---- 1867

Martha Ann Duke was born May the 20th 1870.


Jane Snowden Duke Departed this life May 3rd 1905.

Martha Ann Burns Died March the 12th 1904 -

Daniel Brown Duke died May 15th 1906.

Margret Warrcara Duke Died February 27st 1907

Willie Z. Duke Died. Jan, 15, 1934

Leland Fowler Duke Died Jan 12th 1920.



Bible of the James Albertus Duke Family of New Zion, SC. In possession of Richard Duke, New Zion, SC.

The Family Record Of James Albertus (Bertie) Duke and Susan Teresa Jane Harrington Who were united in Holy Matrimony at New Zion Parsonage, Margch 7 1923 By the Rev. T.E. Derrick. Witnessed by Johnny Harrington and Sadie Duke.

Thomas Flovia Duke born Feb 25 1841

Jane Snowden Fleming Duke Born Feb 10 1830

Thomas Edward Duke Born Jan 20 1859

David Brown Duke Born June 11 1861

Mary Orianna Duke Born Oct 1 1864

William Fowler Duke Born Sept 20 1867

Martha Ann Duke Born May 20 1870

Thomas Flovia Duke and Jane Snowden Fleming was married Oct 20 1858


William Fowler Duke and Margret Warrena McIntosh was married Dec. 9, 1886.

first daughter Janie Viola Duke born Feb 9 1888

first son Thomas McBride Duke born Dec 27th 1889

Second son Lelon Fowler Duke born Feb 14th 1892

Second daughter Margret Etta lene Duke born March 15 1894

Third Son Joseph Bishop Duke born Oct 19 1896

Fourth Son William Benjamin Duke born March 2 1898.

Fifth Son James Albertus Duke born March 23 1902.

Third daughter Sarah Leneigh Duke born Nov 19 1905

Sixth Son Furman Leroy Duke born Feb 27 1909.

William Fowler Duke and Leola Othel Burns was married - Born Nov 29 1870.

First Son Cleo Duke born July 14 1908

First Daughter Rena Beatrice Duke born Feb 14 1911.

Second Daughter Ola May Duke born July 30 1913

Second Son Thomas Harrison Duke born Jan 2, 1915

Third Son David Hartwell Duke Born Dec 6 1916.

Fourth son Willis Alton Duke Born June 8 1919.

Wife's Genealogy

Simeon Bird Harrington born Dec 17 1863

(Betsy) Elizabeth Caroline Harrington born Oct 26 1874

1st daughter born Oct 22 1892

2nd daughter born Nov 8 1893 Mattie Idell Harrington.

3rd daughter born May 21 1897

1st Son born Sept 8 1898

2nd Son John Presley Harrington born Aug 15 1901

4th daughter Susan Teresa Jane Harrington born Oct 7 1904

3rd Son born Nov 11 1907

5th daughter Orie Anna Harrington born July 30 1909

4th Son Edward Earl Harrington born Oct 28 1912

Our first son James Raymond Duke was born Oct 28 1924

Our second son Melvin Albertus Duke was born May 3 1926

Our first Daughter Fowler Elizabeth Duke was born Jan 15 1929

Our third son Robert Wayne Duke was born Sept 28 1931

Our first Great Grandson Richard Emory Duke, Jr was born May 30 1975.

Great grand daughter Amy Suzanne Duke born Feb 10 1978

Debbies daughter Kyleigh Elizabeth Chandler born Sept 8 1979

Steves daughter Kelly Mandelyn Duke born Dec 15 1979

(Teresa's mother) Elizabeth Caroline Harrington Grandchildren

John Ray Stewart Jr Born June 28 1926

Blanch Elizabeth Stewart Born June 15,

Alice Marie Stewart Born June 24 1930

Willie Calvin Steward Born Aug 27 1931

Harry Legrand Stewart Born Oct 2 1933

Margret Stewart Born March 19 1936

Dell Anette Stewart Born Feb 3 1939

Carolyne Stewart Born June 21 1941

Jackie Stewart Born April 9 1943

Jimmy Stewart Born March 1 1948

Melvin Steve Duke born June 10 1948

Richard Emory Duke born June 11, 1950

Children of Melvin Albertus Duke and Sadie Robinson Duke

Terrell O'dell Duke Born March 6 1954

Glen Donell Duke Born April 21 1955

Charles Lyndon Duke Born Oct 29 1958

Annie Shirlene Duke Born Feb 19 1963

Children of Fowler Elizabeth Duke Johnson and Natheniel Lamar Johnson

Jack Douglas Johnson Born Feb 16 1949

Debroah Elizabeth Johnson Born Nov. 17, 1954

Tresa Deneice Johnson Born Sept 8 1962

Robert Wayne Duke Born Sept 28 1931

Caroline Jane Dalthrop Duke Born Sept. 26 1931

Their first Son Brian Wayne Duke Born August 9, 1958

first daughter Brenda Jayne Duke Born Oct 23, 1961

Second daughter Sonja Karol Duke Born Jan 10 1964

Third daughter Cindy Marie Duke Born June 7 1965

Simeon Byrd Harrington and Elizabeth Caroline Harrington was married Nov. 4, 1891

John Presley Harrington and Marrie Drusilla Smiley was married April 4 1923

John Ray Stewart and Orie Anna Harrington was married May 2 1925

John Presley Harrington and Sadie Duke Lane was married March 12 1954


Clarice Mandalyne Duke and Melvin Albertus Duke was married Sept 11, 1945

Fowler Elizabeth Duke and Lamar Nathaniel Johnson was married May 18 1946

Robert Wayne Duke and Caroline Jane Dalthrop was married July 4 1953

Richard Emory Duke and Sandra Lynn Bodenheimer was married July 16th 1972

Alan Keith Chandler and Debra Elizabeth Johnson was married June 29 1974

Jane Snowden Duke Died May 3 1915

Martha Ann Duke Burns Died March 10 1904

David Brown Duke Died May 15 1906

Margret Warrena Duke Died Feb 27 1907

William Fowler Duke Died Jan 15 1934.

Leland Fowler Duke Died Jan 12 1920

Leola Othelle Burns Duke Died Nov 7, 1966

Simeon Bird Harrington died Nov 19 1913

Elizabeth Caroline Harrington died Nov 20 1946

1st daughter died Oct 22 1892

Mattie Idell Harrington died March 20 1896

3rd daughter Died May 24 1897

1st Son Died July 12 1899

3rd Son Died Nov 11 1907

Edward Earl Harrington Died Nov 10 1928

Susan Harrington Died Nov 22. 1900. (Simeon's mother.)

Ned Harrington Died Sept 13 1902 (Simeon's Father)

Joe Harrington Died July 6 1903 (Simeon's Brother)

John Robert Harrington Died Aug 7 1926 (Simeon's Brother.

Maggie Drusilla Smiley Harrington Died Nov 26 1953

James Raymond Duke died Nov 2, 1924

Jack Douglas Johnson died Dec 24 1963

Fowler Olga Harrington Epps died March 28 1972 was buried March 30, 1972. (Betsie's Sister)

Jake McCloud Harrington (Brother) died Dec 21 1980

Oletha McClary she was a Dubose

aunt Eleba Dubose

uncle hedley Dubose

Arnard Ross

Ata Ross was McKintosh

Artiewell Ross

Grandpa McKintosh

Grandma McKintosh

George Ross

Arnard Ross ata Ross

Sumter cemetery



Bible of the Henry W. Dunahoe Family of Georgetown, SC. In possession of Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. "Bill" Dunahoe, Hemingway, SC.


Marriage July 11th 1947, Johnsonville, SC

Henry W. Dunahoe, b. Dec. 26, 1920, Johnsonville, SC.

Rebecca Hughes Dunahoe, b. Jan. 1st, Hemingway, SC.


Father Henry William Dunahoe

His Brothers Ed, Jack, Clarence, John, James L., Wallace, Gip, Tony, and Mikeal

His Sisters Corine Ina Dunahoe Cribb Lucy Dunahoe Courtney

His Father Henry J. Dunahoe

His Mother Lizzie Eva Hughes Dunahoe

His Father's Parents George Washington Dunahoe

Harriett Haselden Dunahoe

His Mother's Parents Robert E. Lee Hughes

Eliza Hughes

Mother Rebecca Hughes Dunahoe

Her Brothers Jimmie Jackson Hughes

Ned Hughes

Richard Carroll Hughes

Arlet Wyle Hughes

Her Sisters Mary Nell Hughes Milling

Lydie Ellen Hughes

Her Father Richard Anderson Hughes

Her Mother Myrtle Getha Hughes

Her Father's Parents James Wesley Hughes

Martha Carmichael Hughes

Her Mother's Parents Stonewall Jackson Hughes

Sally Thompson Hughes


Rebecca Eve Dunahoe, born May 7th 1948 Hemingway, SC. Married Aug 20th Hemingway, SC to Eugene Ray Harrington.

Richard William Dunahoe, born Aug. 22nd 1952, Laurinburg, SC. Married Aug 9th 1972 Hemingway, SC to Deborah Ann Falkenmeyer. Married second March 3/1976 to Dianne E. Wall.

Jo Ann Dunahoe, born Nov 14, 1957, Norfolk, Va. Married June 12, 1975, Hemingway, SC. Married David Jim Hanna.


Jessica Geane Harrington, born June 17th, Florence, SC.

Edward Neil Dunahoe, born 12-15-1972, Pensacola, FL.

Jasmine Joan Dunahoe, born Sept. 20, 1976, Florence, SC.

David Hanna

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