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Father. Robert Maurice, Sr, born on the 7th day of Jany. 1770, and died the 1st day of February 1848 - aged 78 years and 26 days. Was 63 yrs. 9 mos. and 22 days old when S.W. Maurice was born.

Mother. Sarah Maurice, born on the 1st day of August 1795, and was 38 yrs, 2 mos. and 28 days old when S.W. Maurice was born - She died on the night of the 13th of March 1874.

Samuel W. Maurice and Louisa I. Nelson married by Revd. W.P. Mouzon of the South Carolina Methodist Conference, at Trinity Church Charleston, S.C. on Thursday the 26th day of January A.D. 1860.----------------


1. Samuel W. Maurice was born on the 28th day of October A.D. 1833.

2. Louisa I. Maurice born on the 22nd August A.D. 1841.

3. Clarence Duroc Maurice was born on the 20th day of July A.D. 1861 Son


4. Ellen Corinne Maurice was born on the 30th day of January A.D. 1863

and christened by the Rev. Murray on the evening of the 31st of


1. Clarence Duroc Maurice, Son of Saml. W. and Louisa Maurice, died at 9

of the clock on Tuesday the 15th day of Jul A.D. --------being just 11

months and 25 days old.



Bible of the William W. McAlister Family.


William W McAlister was married to Catherine Omelia Cooper, Sept 11 - 1884

Mellie Eulee McAlister was married to D Jimmie Jones Jannary.

Fannie Jones was married to Fate Cameron.

Silas W. McAlister was married to Pirtle Turner July. 4 1909.

Charlie W. McAlister was married to Mittie O Turner May 19. - 1912.


Charlie W. McAlister, Borned January 11 - 1885

Silas w. McAlister Borned Dec 3 - 1886

Mellie E McAlister Borned Apr. 1 - 1888

Otis D McAlister Borned Aug 17 - 1892.

Vindle R. McAlister Borned Aug 11 - 1895

Cora A McAlister Borned Aug 24 - 1898

Eva J McAlister Borned Feb 7 - 1901.

Fannie E. Jones Borned May 24 - 1881.



Bible of the James M. McAllister Family of

Penny Patrick was born Febuary 16th 1782.

Sarah Mcalister was born December 19th 1819

James M Mcalister was born November 28th 1823

John Evander Mcalister was born November 5th 1843.

George Thomas Mcalister was born April 4th 1845

Mary Jane Cydaline was born September 20th 1847

White J M Mcalister was born October 28th 1849

Elvyre Jemima Mcalister was born August the 12th 1851

A Drell Mcallister was borned July the 16 1853

Jaseph McAllister was borned January the 18 1855

E myers MC Allister was borned Apral 14, 1857

James -------Casselman was borned March the 11 A D 1855

Mary Ann katherine Casselman Was Borned Oct. 19. 1845

George Deelve Casselman Was Borned March the 23 1849

Sarah J C Casselman Was Borned March the 29 1852

Thomas S M Cutcheon died June the 14 1855

Penny Patrick Died May the 26 1852 Borned febuary 16 1782

hugh L. Graham was mared May the 5 1853

George K McAlister was borned May the 24 185---

Selah Mcutcheon died September the 23. 1855

Mealier ann McCallister was borned Sept the 23 - 1859

Edward B. Mcallis ter was borned august the 10 A D 1861

Margret E Mcallister was bornd April the 15 1876

Inez Estel Mcalister was bornd march 28 1879

Viola Mcalister was bornd Oct 5th 1883

Alice McAlister was bornd May 3 1886

Lawrance McAlister was bornd Nov 9 1889

Davis McAllister was borned January 16 1891

Abbie L McAlister was borned March th 20 - 1893

Lillian Mcalister was bornd May 29th 1881



Bible of the William Capers McDaniel Family of Hemingway, SC. In possession of Lena McDaniel, Hemingway, SC.

WHAT THEREFORE GOD HATH JOINED TOGETHER LET NOT MAN PUT ASUNDER. THIS IS TO CERTIFY That William Capers McDaniel and Edith Elena Hughes WERE UNITED BY ME IN THE BONDS OF HOLY MATRIMONY At Hemingway, S.C. on the 5th day of September in the year of our Lord 1923 in Presence of Ruby Hughes Oleph Davis Signed Julius E. Clark, Methodist Episcopal Church, South.


Lizrarr McDaniel July 30, 1888

Richard F. McDaniel Sept. 6, 1891

David J. McDaniel July 13, 1892

Annie E. McDaniel Oct. 25, 1901

Thelma Viola Perry Nov. 20, 1923

Frances Odelia McDaniel April 2, 1928

William Lee McDaniel May 4, 1929

Vernon Lutrell McDaniel April 27, 1929.

Vesper McDaniel June 14. 1936


W.L. McDaniel Feb 20, 1855

Frances Odelere Owens June 5 1862

Auther C. Mcdaniel July 6, 1879

George W. McDaniel June 7, 1881

Lelia McDaniel Mar 16, 1884.

Louis Mae McDaniel July 29, 1886

Lizer V. McDaniel May 6, 1888

Eva E McDaniel Oct 7, 1889

Richard F. McDaniel July 5, 1891

David J McDaniel July 13, 1892

Annie E. McDaniel Aug 25, 1893

William C. McDaniel Nov. 19, 1896

Elwood L. McDaniel Feb 7, 1899

Thelma V. McDaniel Mar 17 1902

Edith McDaniel Mar 12, 1903

Frances Athalene Perry Born June 12, 1920

Elton Lorenza Perry born May 14, 1922

William Norman McDaniel born Oct. 26, 1924

Willis Audrey McDaniel born Nov. 11, 1926

Vernon Lutrell McDaniel born April 4, 1929

Andrew Jackson McDaniel born Sept. 19, 1931

Edna Lenett McDaniel born Feb. 27, 1935

Mary Elena McDaniel born Nov. 12, 1941

Katherine Ann McDaniel born Dec. 30, 1945

William Capers McDaniel born Nov. 19, 1896

Edith Elena McDaniel born March 12, 1903



Bible of the Michael Miller Family.


Michael Miller was born on the 28th day of December 1784.

Frances Miller was born on the 5th day of May 1782.

Molsey Miller the daughter of Michael Miller & Frances Miller was born on the 17th day of October 1810.

Stephen D. Miller was born on the 14th January 1813.

Jackson Miller was born on the 11th September 1814.

James M. Miller was born on the 7th day of April 1816.

John L. Miller was bonr on the 21th day of March 1818.

Harriet Miller was born on the 1th day of May 1820.

Mary Elizabeth Miller was born on the 4th day of May 1857.

Laura F. Miller was born on the 29th of August 1867.


Michael's 1st wife, Frances Miller Died the 12th May 1852. being Seventy years & seven days old at the time of her Death.

Michael Miller Died the 21th Dec 1874.

Lesbia Lowery, died 6th of Feb. 1893.

Evelyn Lowery, died 29th of May 1904.

Willie J. Lowery died the 2th day of August 1911.

Mrs. Eva Lowry Mintz Died August 3 - 1927

J.L. Lowry died the 12th of April 1914.

Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Miller Lowry Died Apr. 25, 1928.

Frances Dora Lowry died on the 30th day of April 1955.

Lucy Lowry Baker died on the 1949.

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