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Bible of the Herbert McRae Nesmith Family. In possession of Samuel P. Nesmith, San Antonio, TX.

WHAT THEREFORE GOD HATH JOINED TOGETHER LET NOT MAN PUT ASUNDER. THIS IS TO CERTIFY That Herbert McRae Nesmith and Lillie Kate McCormick WERE UNITED BY ME IN THE BONDS OF HOLY MATRIMONY At Buffalo Gap, Texas on the 13th day of December in the year of our Lord 1891 Signed Rev. R.W. Beuge, D.D. Cumberland, Presbyterian Church.


Eugene McRae and Armiue Lillie Nesmith at San Angelo, Tom Green Co. Texas 3 pm Sept 10th 1892.

Roy Lee Nesmith at Buffalo Gap, Taylor Co. Texas 10 o'clock p.m. Sept. 10th 1894

Celia Lorena Nesmith at Buffalo Gap, Taylor Co. Texas at 4 p m Easter Sunday April 5th 1896

James Hindue Nesmith at (Sam Richardson's) Llano Co Tex at 6 p.m. April 14th 1898.

Samuel Presley Nesmith at Lone Grove Llano Co Texas at 11 p m July 29th 1900.

Ina Louise Nesmith at Lone Grove, Llano Co. Texas at 2.30 a m. July 21th 1902.

Herbert M. Nesmith at Buffalo Gap, Texas Sept. 16. 1908.


Eugene M. Nesmith and Miss Jewell M. Hayden were married at Buffalo Gap Texas Oct 2 1915 by Rev. H.C. Cagle.

Armine L. Nesmith and Mr. Homer J. Hodge were married at Abilene Tex April 21, 1917. by Rev. Bowman

Roy L. Nesmith and Sophie Kirshen were married at Ventura, California By

Judge on Nov. 19 - 1933

Clias L. Nesmith and Mrs. W.D. Lang were married at Abilene Tex. Feb. 16, 1920 by Justice of Piece.

Herbert M. Nesmith and Faye Evans May - 24 - 1924 -

James H. NeSmith and Alice E. Miller - United in marriage, June 5th 1926

at St. Pauls Cathedral Los Angeles, Cal. by Rev. W. Cowans.

Ina Louise Nesmith to Ray N. Gingles in the "Little" church of Flowers Glendale California Dec - 12- 1926

Presley Samuel Nesmith to Alta Mae Hodge Sister to Homer J. Hodge at Long Beach, California - July - 19 - 1926


H.M. Nesmith born 1847 Birhm. Ala. Died 5/26 1924 Abilene

L.K. Nesmith born 1870 B. Gap Tex. Died 1912 Buffalo Gap

Rev. Thos McCormick

Celia McCormick born 1834 Louisiana died 3 - 26 1905 Buffalo Gap

S.P. Nesmith born 1822 Lowndes Co. Ala. Died May 31 1862 Virginia

J.A. Pruitt born Lowndes Co. Ala. Died 31 May 1862 Alabama

Eugene Marion Born 9/10/1892 San Angelo, Tx Married 1915 to Jewel Hayden

Armuie Lillie Born 9/10/1892 San Angelo, Tx Married 4/1/1917 to H.J. Hodge

Roy Lee Born 9/10/1894 Buffalo Gap Died 2/29/08

Celia Louise Born 4/5/1896 Buffalo Gap Married 2/16/1920 to W.D. Lang

James Hiram Born 4/19/98 Llano Co. Married 6/5/26 to Alice Waller

Samuel Presley Born 7/29/1900 Llano Co. Married 6/19/26 to Alta Mae Hodge

Ina Louise Born 7/25/1902 Llano Co. Married 12/12/20 to R.N. Gingles

Herbert McRae Jr. Born 9/16/1907 Buffalo Gap. Married 5/ /25 to Fay Evans Died 6/1/55

L K Nesmith Died of Pellagra Buried Aug 4 1912 Buffalo Gap

H.M. Nesmith Died of Cancer of stomach Buried May 25, 1924 Buffalo Gap


L.K. Nesmith our mother died at the age of 42 years leaving a hus band and eight children she lived a devout christian to the end

H.M. Nesmith the Father died at the age of 72 years leaving eight children. he to lived a christian life and said at the end he was ready to go.


John Le Nesmith

John L. Nesmith

John C. Cain

John L. Nesmith was Borne the 6 Day of June 1840

John L. Nesmith Jr. Lamuel Nesmith W B. N. D.C.N. 1857

Nelson was born the 15 of november 1831

Harry was born december the 16. 1840.

Mingo was born Sept. 12 - 1843.

Jeffry was born on August 25th 1855.

John D. Green and Elizabeth J Nesmith was married November the 10 1853

Jno Nesmith Jr.

John S. Green was Borne octtober the 8 1854

John S. Green was Babtised April the 29 - 1855

And departed this life Febuary the 15 - 1856

Aged one year Four months and seven days J S Green

Sarah M Green was Born Jun the 1 1859

John Nesmith

Sarah M. Green was Babtised october the 5 1856

Elizabeth J Green Departed this life July the 4 1855

Sarah M Green Departed this Life July the 19 1857

aged one year one month 19 days.

Sarah M Green was borne June the 1 1856 and Departed this life July 19th - 1857

Elizabeth J Green Departed this life 11th 1857

David Nesmith and Sarah Margaret Armette his Wife was married November the sixth 1828.

David Nesmith son of Robert Nesmith was born The 17th Day of June 1808.

Elisabeth I. Nesmith was Born December the 10th 1830.

Susan W. Nesmith was born January the 18th 1835.

Marth I. Nesmith was born December the 16th 1838.

John L. Nesmith was born June the 16th 1840.

William B. Nesmith was Born April 18th 1842.

Daniel C. Nesmith was born May the 3rd 1844.

Joseph T. Nesmith was born August the 5th 1846 and departed This Life June 23rd 1848.

Mary was born May the 4 1862 An departed this life December the 6 1862

Mary was born may the 4 1862 An Departed this life 6th December

Mary was born may the 4 1862 An departed this life Dec. 6

Nellie was born 2d May 1864.

Jefse was born august the 25 1856

An was born the 5 of octtober 1858

Joe was octtober the 16 1860

Elisa was born July the 5 1862

William was born the 2 day of may 1864

An departed this life 19 of August 1867

Robert was born April the 6 1866

Brity was born April the 9 1868

Mary was born April the 24 1870

Martha was born June the 10 1872

June was born May the 10 1874

Nelson was Born 15th November 1831.

Harry was Born December 16th 1840

Mingo was born of September 12 1845

Jeffrey was born the 25 August 1856.

John Nesmith was born June 6th 1853

David Nesmith Departed this life September the 7 1865.

William B. Nesmith was Born April the 18 1811

David G Nesmith was Born May the 5 1844

Margaret K. Nesmith was Born May 29th 1848.

David Nesmith Son of Robert

J.L. Nesmith

Remember they crator in the days of your youth

John D. Green and Elizabeth J. Nesmith was mared November the 10 1853

John L. Nesmith was born June 6, 1843.

David L. Nesmith Departed this life September the 7, 1850

Dannell C. Nesmith was Kill in the battle of Sharpeseburge merreland the 17th of September 1862. Age 18 years 4 month and 2 week and 8 day

William B. Nesmith Departed this life the the 4th day of August 1863

Maud Hunter Cooper was Born Janary the 15 1865

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