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Bible of the Nelson M. Venters Family of Hemingway, SC. In possession of Becky Venters, Hemingway, SC.

WHAT THEREFORE GOD HATH JOINED TOGETHER LET NOT MAN PUT ASUNDER. THIS IS TO CERTIFY That Nelson M. Venters and Susan E. Humphreys WERE UNITED BY ME IN THE BONDS OF HOLY MATRIMONY At Cornbury, Charleston Co., S.C on the 20 day of October in the year of our Lord 1878 in Presence of Capt. S.E. Conyers & S.O. Conyers. Signed A.G. Gantt M.M. Coppy from old book.


Ida E. Venters to Leo Coyle Edmond in the year 1906, Dec. 5th, at St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Norfolk, Va.

Annie E. Venters to Geo B Haselden Nov. 3rd, 1872 By Rev. Hudson at Home.

M. Eva Venters to J. Logan Morriman June 12, 19---

Hallie Mae Venters to George Winfield Gregory Mar. 1921.

Eva V. Morriman to J.E. Grimball, July 21, -----

Oliver Humphrey Venters & Nell Miller June 24, -----

Louis Edmond Venters and Rebecca Glymph -------

Thea Lewis and Logan Merriman, Aug. 24, -----

David Walter Venters and Geneva Burrard, Nov. 5, -----

James Evans Grimball to Connie -------June 22, -----

Elizabeth Nelson Grimball to Donald Delany -----------

Anne Grimball to William Rollins July, 29 - -----


David Blunt Venters was born Feb 21st 1807.

Annie Flowers Venters was born April 22nd 1806

Nelson M. Venters was born Sept. 7th 1851

Susan E. Venters was born Feb. 6th 1862

Margaret D. Venters was born June 5th 1880

Ida E. Venters was born April 20th 1882

Annie Evula Venters was born Jan 2nd 1885

Mattie Eva Venters was born Feb. 25th 1887

Martin C. Venters was born June 1st 1890

Claudious G. Venters was born June 6th 1893

David W. Venters was born Oct. 7th 1895

Olivia H. Venters was born July 6th 1898

Lonnie Edmond Venters was born Aug 8th 1901

Hallie May Venters was born March 10th 1904

Logan Venters Merriman March 3rd -----


David B. Venters Died Dec 17th 1853

Annie Venters wife of D.B.V. Died Jan 1st 1891

Martin Cassido Venters, Aug. 25, 1908

Nelson Morgan Venters, March 3, 1929

Claude G. Venters, Oct. 1929

Ida V. Edmond, Sept. 12th 1931

Susan Elizabeth Humphrey Venters, Sept. 2, -----

Morgan Douglas Venters, March, 25, -----

Louis Edmond Venters, July 22, 1965

Annie Evula Venters Haselden, March 25, 1931

David Watts Venters,

Oliver Humphrey Venters,

Eva Venters

Grandchildren of N.M. & Susan E. Venters

Children of Eva V. & James E. Grimball

Logan Venters Merriman March 3rd 1915

Elizabeth Nelson Grimball, Aug 19, 1920

James Evans Grimball, Jr., July 2, 1922

Ann Jenkins Grimball, June 13, 1927

Children of Geo. W. & Hallie V. Gregory

George Winfield Gregory, Jr., June 5, 1938

Jackson Venters Gregory Mar. 15, 1941

Susan Gregory July 16, 1942

Children of D.W. & Geneva Venters

Carolyn Arlene Venters, Jan 12th 1944

Infant twins Susan & Mary Venters

Children of Rebecca G. & Louis E. Venters

Louis Edmond Venters, Jr., Feb 18, 1947

Susan Rebecca Venters Apr 24, 1950

Great-grandchildren of Nelson M. and Susan E. Venters

William Nelson Lewis - April 7, 1936

James Evans Grimball III June 8 1951

Morgan Douglas Grimball Aug 24 - 1953

Constance Virginia Grimball Dec. 1 - 1957

Susan Elizabeth Rollins Sept - 18 1951

Emily Worthington Rollins April 1954

Donald Andrew Delany, Jr. June 19, 1958

Susan Gregory Heriot Nov. 1, 1951

Robert LaRoche Heriot Apr. 12, 1954

George Gregory Heriot Feb. 13, 1958

Louis Edmond Venters, Jr. Feb. 18, 1947

Susan Rebecca Venters Apr. 24, 1950

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